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Company Story

Meet the Thames Family.

As you can tell there a quite a few of us to meet here in this photo, mom and dad started with a vision of creating a large family and raising us to follow God and treat others fairly.  My family move to DFW area in 2018 and now have been here for two years, after a short amount of time in the house flipping business felt moved to now do home renovations and be contractors that can deliver beautiful products to our clients and create an experience and home they will never forget.

Our father as seen above in the middle of the photo, the one with the white hair if you need help finding him, has been known for along time as a man of God.  As kids we were raised in central Illinois when my father worked as a family and marriage counselor.  After several years of that he went back into business with my grandfather in the family cabinet business.  While running the business he was also in seminary school to become a full time pastor. After three hard years of studying and work my dad got his degree and my family move to Idaho where he took a position as full time pastor of a small town church. That lasted for 5 years before my family decided to make a change and moved here to the DFW area where I was running a house flipping business.  Our father actually came to work with me on my house flipping company but after a year we have made the switch into remodeling and renovations.  

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